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GDPR Desk is making GDPR easier for customers by offering practical solutions, built on our expertise.

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GDPR made simpler

Make GDPR simpler with GDPR Desk

The GDPR and the new Data Protection Act are written in legislative language. Sometimes you can feel that they have gone out of their way to be obscure.

This doesn’t help when you need an answer quickly. GDPR Desk can turn Acts of Parliament into plain English for you.

We focus on you

While data protection issues fall into broad categories, each one is unique. You need GDPR support from someone who recognises your individual circumstances.

GDPR Desk provides advice and GDPR support tailored to your needs.

Your questions get answers

Let GDPR Desk be your DPO

When you have a question, you want an answer – it seems a simple enough requirement. Instead of links to guidance on a website, you need to know how the regulation impacts your question and the decisions you must make.

With GDPR Support from GDPR Desk, you’ll get our opinion on your questions, backed up by our resources.


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