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Data Breach Compensation Culture?

If your personal data has been breached, what can you do about it? Take appropriate security measures, but increasingly the answer is to claim compensation. Under the 1998 Data Protection Act, a person could bring a case to recover losses due to a data breach. Depending upon the scale of your loss, this could be […]

Welcome to our new site

We wanted to tell you about some changes that have been going on here lately. You may know us through GDPR Sentry so be reassured, we’re still the same company. It was becoming clear that there was confusion between our Sentry cloud based compliance system and our other services. So the GDPR Sentry site is now […]

To outsource, or not to outsource…….

I’ve mentioned before that schools face significant challenges with GDPR compliance. State schools deliver a public task and are required to have a Data Protection Officer. It can be hard to find someone who wants to fill this challenging role. The DPO is a source of expert advice on all matters of data protection, but […]

Our survey said……

It’s now less than four months until enforcement of the GDPR begins. You’d imagine that every now knows about the regulation even if they’re not totally clear about the impact. On Tuesday of this week (24th January), the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released some preliminary results from Cyber Security Breaches Survey. With […]

Here comes the Data Protection Bill

On Wednesday 17th January, the Data Protection Bill completed its journey through the House of Lords and headed back to the Commons. This means it’s heading toward the last stages before it becomes law. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asked several times what the difference is between the Bill and the GDPR, also […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome in the GDPR You know what it’s like, the New Year celebrations are done and its back the realities of work. Part of that reality for 2018 is the enforcement of the GDPR that starts on the 25th May. You’re probably familiar with the basics, but just in case here is […]

GDPR Envy: Data protection across the pond

Among all the questions about the impact of the GDPR, it’s interesting to see another perspective on concerns about personal data. This comes from consumers in the USA, a country with some mixed attitudes toward privacy in general. From a survey conducted in September 2017, PWC have produced a report for their Consumer Intelligence Series […]

With the GDPR the Devil is in the details

Mention the UK and the EU right now you’ll almost certainly hear about Brexit.  Organisations pondering life outside of the EU may be forgiven for not being totally up to date with the details of the GDPR. Take a journey back in time with me to 1963. Britain was trying to get into the six […]

Should you have a DPO?

The DPO, or Data Protection Officer, is a role that has been discussed at length as the GDPR has moved from concept to reality. The DPO is responsible for: Informing the organisation on its GDPR obligations Monitoring that compliance Being the first point of contact for employees and supervisory authorities Training Staff Conducting audits and […]