GDPR Envy: Data protection across the pond

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Among all the questions about the impact of the GDPR, it’s interesting to see another perspective on concerns about personal data. This comes from consumers in the USA, a country with some mixed attitudes toward privacy in general. From a survey conducted in September 2017, PWC have produced a report for their Consumer Intelligence Series called

There are some fascinating insights into the representative American adult. Fully 45% of the sample thought that their email or social media accounts would be hacked in the next 12 months, 29% expected to be the victim of credit card fraud (really 29%?) and 21% expected their employer would be subject to a cyberattack.

It’s perhaps worth pointing out that 25% of the people asked thought they would have a lottery win in the next 12 months so despite the worries there is still optimism

Of the people asked only 10% felt they have complete control of their personal information. More than 70% felt that the company holding their data (the Data Controller from our perspective) was better qualified to protect that data compared to the Government. At the same time more than 80% felt that there should be regulations covering how companies can use personal data.

What’s interesting is something that makes it into the report almost as a throwaway line.
“Unlike the European Union’s approach to data privacy regulation—known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—most US data privacy laws vary by sector, data type, or from state to state.”

Whether we are in the EU or not our decision to implement and abide by the requirements of the GDPR means that we are likely to be given trusted status. This means that there are more that 600 million people whose data can be processed here in the UK. It also means that firms in the EU will be able to outsource to the UK easily. Sometimes there are advantages to doing things as a group!