GDPR Data Mapping Training

Any organisation can choose to map its personal data. Doing so provides major benefits when dealing with data protection issues. If you’re considering attending this course, it’s likely that you deal with personal data often enough to make keeping track of it important. With a data map, you’ll know exactly what data you hold, where it’s kept and the security measures that protect it.

You ideally need to do some work before the course in order to get the best from it. Mapping is a methodical job and relies on having a good understanding of all of the procedures that use personal data. You can think about the ‘forms’ you use to document any task (on paper or on a computer) as procedure. A list of these procedures is a good start.

The course mixes the theory behind mapping, a methodical approach and the opportunity to work with your own data.

GDPT Training for GDPR Compliance