GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessment Training for Schools

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is probably the most complex task in data protection. Developing a methodical approach to delivering and documenting a DPIA is the focus of this course.

The course revolves around a ‘case study’ of a school extension project. This is quite a simple scenario compared to some major IT infrastructure changes.

We’ll look at how the process comes up with a measure of residual risk. This measure then used in the wider decision-making process about the viability of the project. You may be required to communicate with the ICO depending on the outcome of the assessment. We’ll explain what powers the ICO has over your project and what the process would be.

A full DPIA can run over several weeks so we focus on the essential tasks. Your data protection officer (DPO) is a key player in the process and should attend this training.

GDPT Training for GDPR Compliance