Welcome to our new site

Welcome to the new site

We wanted to tell you about some changes that have been going on here lately.

You may know us through GDPR Sentry so be reassured, we’re still the same company. It was becoming clear that there was confusion between our Sentry cloud based compliance system and our other services.

So the GDPR Sentry site is now dedicated to the Sentry system. This new site gdprdesk.com contains more background information and our services and training courses.

The GDPR Desk site is the place to come to get news about data protection and ideas for compliance. We’ll also be flagging up particular issues that we see as part of supporting our customers. You can expect to see new information on a regular basis as things in the data protection world don’t stand still. Now the GDPR has been in force for 5 months some of the early lessons are being learned, particularly around dealing with personal data breaches.

GDPR Desk is for everyone. We have special relations with the Education sector, but our experience and background can be brought to any organisation. We are presently looking at the ‘Compensation Culture’ that’s springing up. Any organisation could be affected and it’s potentially more likely to impact you than action taken by the ICO.

If you’d like to sign up to get news from us on a regular basis you’ll find the sign up form here.

We hope you find the content here useful and if you’d like to find out more then please get in touch